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Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy  Initiative

The big picture: In a World of Global Warming and ever dwindling Energy Resources, the only way

to maintain prosperity and growth is access to cheap, clean, Renewable Energy on a VERY LARGE scale.

Dear reader, starting right NOW , the NEXT 5 to 10 YEARS will be CRITICAL & CRUCIAL to you and me and the rest of the world !
And please make no mistake here: this site is about Facts and Data, which are provided throughout 

The Project

Why M.A.R.E. ?

Because our world faces several severe challenges, some of which are intimately linked:

  1. Global Warming & Rapid Climate Change
  2. The impending energy  ( Oil ) crisis

Update Mid 2013 :

We do now have evidence of what happened in the past when reaching the level of CO2 we have nowadays:

International Research team lead by : Julie Brigham-Grette presents Lake El' gygytgyn Research


then watch this video, as an important follow up to understand to what we have exposed ourselves:


And NASA's proof it's happening now:


Update: 1st Day of 2013    :   First:   Happy New Year to all !

The situation:
   2 links to what appears  to be fatal and terminal to our society and civilization:
(Sorry, it's happening Now, better be informed, nothing and no-one can stop this)


this refers to this link:


For EVERYTHING Else, this excellent Wrap-up by James Howard Kunstler is a must read:


Update Fall 2012 :

Sure enough, now:  'The Unprecedented Is the New Normal'

Update Summer 2011:

The financial crisis is once more taking center stage, doing a nice camouflage job for the energy crisis.

A mighty deep interview with Prof Steve Keen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qo3t8EBNSg&feature=player_embedded

Gail Tverberg's analysis on the close relation ship between " peak oil " and the economy is a must read:


Meanwhile, some people try to  "Model" our transition phase, you will find some interesting points on the Oildrum here:


fundamental notions such as "EROI" and "ELM"  find their way into some models. Unfortunately, the conclusions are very much disputed.

Update Spring 2011:

We are now on a convergence path of 3 really nasty matters, (Oil crisis, rapid climate change, international financial crash)

M.A.R.E. is  embarking on  a major found rising campaign  to speed up our research and development efforts

In the meantime, please follow climate change news and other related stuff here:

http://www.desdemonadespair.net/  or   http://www.realclimate.org/

Regarding the follow up of our deepening liquid energy (oil) crisis, the Oil Drum is still a good place:

http://www.theoildrum.com/    or   http://crudeoilpeak.info/

The financial world is not helping at all, we recommend the following links for an alternate view:

http://www.zerohedge.com/     and   http://www.leap2020.eu/English_r25.html

Update June 2008:

Points 1. and 2. have  reached public, business and governmental awareness and attention. MSM (Main Stream Media) News shows demonstrations and even riots are spreading all over the world. The principal reasons at that stage are an unprecedented food crisis raising and fuel cost and shortage. Unfortunately, almost nobody has yet connected the dots and the world still does not really understand the size of the problem that is approaching, and the speed of that arrival.

However, the most recent data shows how, at an unprecedented rate, the above mentioned problems I. & II. are gathering speed and are demonstrating clear signs of a frightening, exponential runaway.

The facts are in and it's not good at all !

Let's put it this way:

Our civilization sits in a car running downhill on a steep slope, without brakes and still looking for a driver !

The alarm bells are ringing !

If we fail to address either problem properly the consequences will be dire:  see our Blog here (click)

Doing nothing is not an option anymore !

Mitigation to minimize chaos is complex...

Bottom line: while every effort in energy efficiency and conservation is welcome, very large scale clean renewable energy solutions have to be designed and build NOW:

This is where the M.A.R.E. Initiative comes in.

M.A.R.E. is put together by people who care about the future of this planet and want to act now, before it's way too late. People who do realize we need to think BIG.

M.A.R.E. is about putting our priorities right as a globally responsible civilization and it is about decisive leadership and bold visions.

M.A.R.E. gets it's tremendous energy from the combined power of the Sun and the Ocean, a mighty combination!

M.A.R.E's goal is to become the largest independent clean energy provider in the world and has the potential to make the Difference, the next big step in our progress as a civilization.

The project is based on proven technologies, qualified as "suitable for funding" by the World Bank.

The Project (click)

Background of the situation:

According to the independent “Energy Watch Group", world oil production has peaked in 2006. This fact is backed up by several other sources ( see Links and Video ). Soon, production output will start to decline at a rate of several percent per year. Recent price development is just one proof of this. By 2020, and even more by 2030, global oil and gas supply will be dramatically lower. This will create a supply gap which can hardly be closed by growing contributions from other fossil or nuclear energy sources in this time frame. No nation is prepared to deal with the high prices and shortages for energy that will soon begin to work their way through the entire global economic system.

The world is at the beginning of a structural change of its economic system. This change will be triggered by declining fossil fuel supplies, rapidly raising energy prices and will dramatically influence almost all aspects of our daily life.

Global warming is real without the shadow of a doubt and has become a very serious, even vital problem:

The latest data shows overwhelming proof of the deep reaching effects on our environment. The non linear nature of its progression poses a real threat to our civilization, not to speak of mass extinctions of wildlife.

In short: we are killing our life support!

Climate change is real and accelerating, it will force humankind to change energy consumption patterns fundamentally, by significantly reducing the burning of fossil fuels and find clean, renewable, large scale replacements .

The now beginning transition period probably has its own rules which are valid only during this phase. Things might happen which we never experienced before and which we may never experience again once this transition period has ended. Our way of dealing with energy issues will have to change in a deep, far reaching, fundamental way.

MARE Initiative offers the world a real solution to all these problems, a future without compromises, a grand vision.

MARE will construct a giant energy platform on which a number of proven, readily available technologies will be integrated in a very "smart" way. This platform will generate clean, renewable energy from a single, well chosen location and show the world how to solve the energy crisis, significantly reduce CO2 emissions and slow down global warming. The proposed project , when fully developed, will produce enough electricity to power Europe and West Africa.

The MARE initiative is headed by TurboSolar World (TSW) of Switzerland, a private Research and Development company supported by leading scientists and engineers from the Fraunhofer society (Germany) and uses cutting edge technologies developed by the German Aerospace Center, solar energy division and other partners.

MARE Initiative is a work in progress, we will keep you updated on a regular basis.

For more information, please contact MARE here : info@mareinitiative.com

More background here...

New to the issues ? Please click here to see our links


Electric energy power plants produce nearly half the CO2 emissions in the world (mainly from coal, oil and gas) : (see CARMA study) this is where our main effort has to go if we want results fast !

Make no mistakes, the MARE Initiative project is like no other in this world

It's vision and concept encompasses the very needs of tomorrow's world, today.

We will need dramatically more electricity, very much in the form of clean, renewable, CO2 free. Not only to power what we are so used to have and love, but also the upcoming , unavoidable electric urban transport, as very often seen on TV these days.This in turn will considerably lower our carbon footprint. The MARE Project is a win-win.

But the vision goes on to clean, fresh water and food production as well, so bear with us...

We need support from sponsors and philanthropists, we need support from all of you ! Please use the "Donate" button at your leisure, or go to our fundraising website, or get in touch with me at :

Wolfgang at mareinitiative dot com

I thank you very much for all your comments and encouragements !

Wolfgang Ehrlich

President, MARE Initiative

March 2007

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