Questions & Answers

Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy  Initiative

Will it work ?

YES, of course !  All basic  technologies  used  in the MARE Project  are  already in use  in many countries around the world,  on large,   utilities and industrial scales .  All the necessary links are provided on this Website to do your own research and so make up your very own opinion.

Does it make sense ?

YES, of course !  It does make sens as 

a) a high yield investment in the primary energy business,  

b) a  step forward to energy independence and security in Europe,

c) last but not least a very important step toward lowering CO2 output and thus slowing  global warming,  

giving us and our children a cleaner,  brighter future.


Why are you scaremongering if this project makes so much sens ?     

Fear-mongering? Lack of positive input?

 (We are very often criticized for the detailed, global, dire situation we openly expose in our the peak oil and climate web pages)

So, no Sir, we shouldn't attempt to understand the scope of the problems we face so that we can then understand which set of band-aids to attempt to apply?

We hope you are joking!

Let's triage the patient without diagnosing the problem! What would you do if you walked into a hospital near death and was told "Sir, you have blood all over you, here's a band-aid for that itty bitty cut on your forehead." You would likely not recover from your wounds.

If you haven't looked around lately and seen what is going on in the world, that is exactly the approach the pundits and the media at large are advocating.

We offer up hopeful, large scale solutions around here. We just embrace them as the panaceas that they are not, neither do we embrace individual and government inaction and complacency. Kinda different from your standard media..

The general attitude on our web-pages is clinical and empirical with a graceful touch of concern for humanity. It is not condescending: it is educated. It is critical. It is academic. And it is certainly not for everyone.

We take no joy in the success of this site, nor do we take joy in the massive resource inflation we are witnessing--other than that it may be the one thing that could spur alternative fuel and method development. We really want the community writ large to be wrong about all of this. We beg for it every single day, dear reader.

That's why we started this site: to learn as much as we could, to assemble as much knowledge as we could, in an empirical caring way, and to try to facilitate conversations about these complex, nasty problems and offer a bold vision and a practical concept as a possible, maybe unique solution.

The people here have learned the facts, and we don't sugar coat them. Frankly, we are immensely proud of this community of thinkers and its approach to the real problems we face. There are a lot of smart people here thinking hard about what's coming.

Someone has to talk about it, someone needs to do the hard thinking, and someone needs to worry about the effects, especially on those who have less of a voice in our society--the poor, the indigent, the folks who are going to bear the brunt of this first wave of transition. We can't speak for others, but that's why we do this.

We are in a relatively safe seat to watch all of this go down--at least in the early innings. However, ask those increasingly hungry people in Asia or Africa how they are feeling right  now about ethanol. Ask the people who won't have heat this winter what they think of the resource premium.

If the issues of global warming and energy depletion are not addressed ASAP, and on a large scale, it is going to be a major human tragedy unfolding.

So,  we do offer  our solution  in the very hope everyone has understood the actual scope and magnitude of the problem. Our solution in short:

The combined power of the sun and the ocean will give us our new, much needed, clean, CO2 free, renewable and inexpensive energy source.

We sincerely hope to make a difference. 


Is MARE going to fix the planet ? 

None of us aspire to "fix the planet." No single person, website, or entity for that matter could do so.

However, every single person we educate about our energy and climate situation is another person who has the choice to 

a) learn, 

b) prepare according to their own perceptions,

c) educate others,

d) support projects to make a difference ...

Do you really think that we keep harping on all of you to spread this site around for our own ego or personal gain? Hell no. It's about facilitating education and conversation for as many as we can.

You see, that's what many do not get: MARE is not about defeatism, instead, MARE is all about opportunity!  The opportunity to facilitate as many people as possible making a difference through nontraditional and traditional means.

It needs to happen. The more people learn, the better off we will be. It's that simple.


MARE (Mid-Atlantic-Renewable-Energy) Global Operations