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Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy  Initiative

Well, what's the worst that can happen:

The most terrifying video ...

If nothing else, please watch the "Crash Course" by Chris Martenson, a moderate approach, but excellent research:

James Hansen on White House censoring of Global Warming

Wanna learn about exponential growth? Here's a short video entitled "Are Human's Smarter than Yeast?" (mentions Bob Shaw even!--basically an 8 min version of Al Bartlett's hour talk over at GPM on exponential growth) Pay special attention to the three points around 5:45 into the video.

Under the fold, a few short videos apropos of the problems we face: Bill Moyers on PBS provocatively talking big oil last night, Kunstler talking the long emergency on CBC, Jeff Rubin on CNBC talking $7 gas, VMT, light rail, and other things, and then finally Olbermann and Krugman talking both US presidential candidates' "energy policy." Include other links in the comments.

Kunstler on CBC talking the long emergency, suburbia, and life without cheap oil...(8 mins)

Here's a provocative Bill Moyers essay on big oil that is not for the faint of heart, which aired last night on PBS. (; 6 mins). "America has become little more than an energy protection force, doing anything to gain access to expensive fuel without regard for the lives of others or the earth itself." I wonder why that is, perhaps because the easy energy is getting harder to get? Hmmm...

Jeff Rubin of CIBC predicts $7 gasoline on CNBC with Erin Burnett, which he says would take 10 million cars off the road. They talk about a lot of the variables and different ideas involved in the situation--it's really good (4 mins).

Krugman with Olbermann on "The Energy Question of 2008" (critical of McCain and Obama both) from MSNBC's Countdown...(7 mins)

Preparing for the morning after

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