The IPCC: and the Untold Truth 

Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy  Initiative

The organization Carbon Equity issued a report , "The Big Melt: Lessons from the Arctic Summer of 2007" (, which draws conclusions from this disturbing new information:

The data surveyed suggests strongly that in many key areas the IPCC process has been so deficient as to be an unreliable and indeed a misleading basis for policy-making. . . . Take just one example: the most fundamental and widely supported tenet - that 2°C represents a reasonable maximum target if we are to avoid dangerous climate change - can no longer be defended. Today at less than a 1°C rise the Arctic sea ice is headed for very rapid disintegration, in all likelihood triggering the irreversible loss of the Greenland ice sheet and catastrophic sea level increases. Many species are on the precipice, climate change- induced drought or changing monsoon patterns are sweeping every continent, the carbon sinks are losing capacity and the seas are acidifying. . . . The Arctic began to lose volume at least 20 years ago when the global temperature was about 0.5°C over the pre-industrial level. So we can now see that to protect the Arctic the average global temperature rise should be under 0.5°C.

According to the report, if this suggested 0.5°C precautionary warming cap were adopted, the target for allowable concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases would have to be about 320 ppm CO2 equivalents, a level that was passed more than 50 years ago...

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 Climat Flash Crash

we are moving rapidly into uncharted territory , and a climate flash crash à la

Dansgaard–Oeschger event

seems more and more to be a serious possibility, but nobody wants to address this outcome.

The latest studies (2011) regarding the cryosphere and the dynamics of ice-sheets suggests that the sea rising potential has been vastly underestimated . According to serious sources, the initial IPCC claims needs at least to be multiplied by 10x (Ten times !!). And this can happen much, much faster than thought . 

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