Technologies: Offshore platform

Generating Eco-friendly, zero net emission electricity and fuel for our world

Why Offshore ? 

Well, some powerful points:

  • Full ownership and full jurisdiction over the territory means energy independence and security. 
  • Offshore, none of the political inertia or pitfalls regarding decision making slows operations.
  • Out at sea, possible extremism or terrorism is a lot less likely and easier to master.
  • There is plenty of space on our oceans, which cover about 70% of our planet
  • Offshore platform technology has been around for a very long time and is well understood, as illustrated here.
  • Technically, even with solar power, there are numerous advantages to be at sea.
  • by using highly standardized elements in design and manufacturing ,a large economy of scale is guaranteed. 
  • A fully modular and scalable approach speeds assembly procedures. Overall the project will be executed relatively quickly and is economically realistic.

There are several thousand, mostly oil platforms,  in service  on the seven seas...but then, the MARE concept brings an entirely new concept and dimension to the meaning "platform". Stay tuned  :-)

The MARE platform will not pose any of the risks of pollution and spills associated with fossil fuel platforms...

Undersea cables will connect the different continents to the platform